Who we are

Rocky Srl is a mechanical company located in the province of Ferrara.

We are specialized in the sector of carburetors for historic cars of all brands with a strong experience in carburizing Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia cars.

Our Services


Carburettor overhaul

Of all brands and types


Carburetors sale

Used / Reconditioned of the best brands


Spare parts sales

Originals and / or Reproduced with very high precision

We have a huge assortment of products for carburetors and we will certainly be able to support your needs.

Our customers can enjoy the quality, ofreliability andexperience of those who have been working in this field for over 25 years. We are present on ebay as a gold power seller and over time we have demonstrated among the highest reliability index among the sellers present. We guarantee every product and intervention with the quality of "Money Back Guarantee"And we operate fast shipments in Italy and all over the world.

We invite you to consult the purchase information and to buy our products with complete confidence as thousands of people have already done around the world.

For any request and / or product not present in the catalog or for special orders, please contact us. Find all the information on the contact page.

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